Hill 60 Pigs

Three Cute Little Piglets

Hill 60 Pigs © All Rights Reserved – Sparks68

These cute little pigs were snapped on May 28 2007 near Zillebeke, Belgium.

Little did they know that before long they would be well travelled and appearing on websites all over the world, including;

As of 4th February 2013 the current count of duplicate images is 109 (including a link to my original image on Flickr) and many of those are foreign language websites.

I have already tackled unauthorised image use in;

Country  Result
Australia Image Removed – No Fee
USA Image Removed – No Fee
Unknown WebSite Closed – No Fee
Canada Image Replaced – No Fee
South Africa Page Removed – No Fee
Ireland Page Removed – Fee Paid
Singapore Image Removed – Fee Paid
USA Agreed Image Credit Added – No Fee

I am currently in the process of contacting the following websites to agree a satisfactory conclusion to their unauthorised image usage

  • VegNews.com, San Francisco, USA
    ACTION: Email to VegNews.com bounced, so I have now completed an online form requesting a valid address to send my invoice to. (10/02/13)
    Found another email address online for the magazine so sent the original email to the new address (13/02/13)
    PARTIAL SUCCESS: The pages have been updated to remove my image and replace it with an alternative pigs photo, however, a copy of my image has been retained on their servers.  Clearly they  have received my email and taken some action, but they have not had the decency to reply or apologise. Another email has been sent requesting payment as they still have a copy of the image (17/02/13)
  • Huffington Post
    The pigs image has been removed from their news page but the image remains on their servers. I’ve replied to their email response to my online form request for payment with these details. (10/02/13)
    FEE SUCCESS: Email confirming fee payment. Invoice and Vendor forms sent via email. (11/02/13)
  • My New Roots, Denmark
    This blogger has the a copyright line on their page, that uses my image, it states; “All photographs, illustrations and graphic designs are Sarah Britton originals, unless otherwise indicated. No stealing please.” There is no indication that the pigs image belongs to anyone else.
    Posted comment on Blog page to ask for the copyright credit and link to my original image be added to the page. (11/02/13)
    PARTIAL SUCCESS: Image removed from the page but still stored in the blog image folder (17/02/13)
  • Vivapets.com
    ACTION: Completed Report Improper Content form on the website (11/02/13)
    2nd Report Improper Content form on the website following no action on previous report (17/02/13)

I’ll post updates of the Hill 60 Pigs round up on this page.


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